Calisthenics Rig – Extreme 3





Specifically designed for all calisthenic applications. Modular designed it can be adapted easily to create new configurations and layouts, also with additional components for Olympic barbells. This makes it an all-in-one centerpiece that, from a street workout path, can become a complete rack for any training; Calisthenics, Sports , Military or athletic conditioning.

The equipment, thought for outdoors fitness, playgrounds, spaced along a fitness trail, is built with resistant tubular steel and durable powder finish, that provides just the right amount of grip without too much friction.


  1. The structure is built with square pipes 3x 3 inch square x 11 guage thickness, and the holes diameter is 16mm
  2. Pull up / Monkey / human flag and other round pipe made up of 33 mm x 10 guage thickness.
  3. Overall Dimension – 26 Ft (length) x 7.5 ft (width) x 14 ft (overall height).
  4. Included parallel Bar Also

We’re able to design Customize equipment to seamlessly fit with your facility and needs, taking into consideration dimension and any existing features. The end result is a design that is truly adaptable, maximizing the space you have available.

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