Our customers asked us for a super heavy duty Power rack that also had band pegs, plus spotter bars out the front. We’ve once again gone completely over the top and built a 50x50mm, 10 Guage wall thickness box tubing rack to satisfy all of your training needs!

Some of the major exercises you can perform with this rack are:

1.Pullups, chinups

2.Squats, rack deadlifts

3.Chest and shoulder press

4.Torsonator core trainer

Constructed from 50x50mm tubing with 3mm wall thickness, this system is built for full commercial use. Black powdercoated finish is hard wearing and doesn’t mark! Net weight is 219kg. This rack includes:

1. 2x Barbell storage tubes.

2. 10x Plate storage racks

3. 4x J hooks

4. 2x spotter bars plus 2x full safety rails

5. 500kg load rating on the internal safety rails and J hooks


- *Mounting & Assembling Hardware Only Nuts Bolts Included.

- *5 YEARS WARRANTY With the exception of neglience /accidents, Powder Coating , Chrome and other coating.

- * No  weight plates/bars/bands/ropes/rings Included.