POWER CAGE TIGER RIG Designed for your facility’s strength floor, our 4’ Personal Monkey Bar Rig creates a variety of training opportunities. Members can enjoy individual training with monkey bars, dip station, squat rack, suspension trainer and landmine. Add Olympic bars and plates to attract your hardcore members. Convenient plate storage pegs keep the unit safe and clutter-free. Supports 4-5 people simultaneously.


1. 11 Gauge 3” x 3” steel mainframe – With uprights Height of 90″

2. Hole Pattern – 1” through bench and clean pull zone then 2” spacing above and below.

3. Unique 2 Pull-up bar’s.

4. (2) J-Cups, (2) Pin/Pipe Safeties, (4) Band Pegs.

5. Unit must be bolted to the floor.

6. COLOR:. Black Dull Mat Powder Coated Finish.


- *Mounting & Assembling Hardware Only Nuts Bolts Included.

- *5 YEARS WARRANTY With the exception of neglience /accidents, Powder Coating , Chrome and other coating.

- * No  weight plates/bars/bands/ropes/rings Included.